Morphe Eye Obsessed brush collection review

Whether you are a make-up novice or a professional, you will always be on the look out for a reliable brush set to achieve your eye make-up goals, the Morphe eye obsessed brush collection review will help you figure out wether or not you want to invest in this eye make-up brush set.

Morphe eye obsessed brush collection review

Starting out my make-up journey, I have learnt through experience the importance of using the right brushes.

Using the right brush will ensure you can apply your make-up exactly how you intend to. If not I can guarantee you will struggle creating more intricate looks.

Who are Morphe?

Morphe are a cosmetics brand that not only offer the latest make-up products but also offer make-up brushes.

Morphe is known for it’s quality and affordability.

Through the years it has gained increasing popularity through social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok.

They have featured collaborations with the likes of Jaclyn Hill, James Charles, Nikita Dragun, Madison Beer and even Charli D’Amelio.

Are morphe eye brushes good?

Morphe eye brushes are renowned and known for how good they are as well as being incredibly affordable.

Morphe Eye Obsessed brush collection packaging

The Morphe Eye obsessed brush set comes in a faux leather zipped bag with a metallic silver plaque logo on the bottom left corner.

Morphe eye obsessed brush collection bag

It comes with a Morphe branded black card wrap sleeve, this sleeve has the names of the Brushes on the back but if you are starting out your make-up journey, I have specifically outlined what each brush is for down below.

Each brush is individually enclosed in a plastic sleeve.

This Morphe brush collection includes a 12 piece eye brush set with a classic Morphe branded wooden black handle.

Morphe eye obsessed brush collection review

You will notice that 6 of the Brushes have White bristles whereas the other six have black bristles.

The Brushes with the white bristles are natural brushes whereas the ones with the black bristles are synthetic.

The Morphe Eye obsessed brush set is so beautifully designed. The Brushes feel sleek and elegant, but most importantly the bristles are fit for purpose.

By fit for purpose I mean that the consistency and density of the particular brush is perfect to allow it to drop product the way it is intended to.

Morphe eye brush uses

When you get into make-up and really start to up your skills, you will want to know what each and every brush is used for.

Knowing the eye brush uses will assist you in creating the most beautiful eye make-up looks.

Morphe eye obsessed brush collection review

With 12 brushes, if you are knew at this you will be wondering what each and every brush is used for.

As a rule of thumb I would say the fluffier the brush the less product is layed down and the easier it is to blend with it the edges, whereas if the brush is dense it allows for more colour payoff and harsher lines.

The Morphe Natural eye brushes include:

The Large Shadow Fluff Brush

Morphe Large Shadow Fluff Brush

This particular brush is a fluffy large shadow brush.

The bristles are structured in a rounded manner and the bristles are soft and not dense.

Morphe Large Shadow Fluff Brush

This brush is to be used on the Brow bone or upper checkbone for highlighting.

You will be impressed with how well it lays down the highlighter, I didn’t have to dip into the highlighter palette further.

The Blender Brush

This brush is the key brush for blending as it is nice and plush as well as rounded.

Morphe Blender Brush

This brush is to be used for blending out seemlessly eyeshadow and create beautiful blends.

Blending is a key skill you will need to create the best eye looks.

The Pointed Blender Brush

This brush has a tapered tip and is fluffy at the same time.

This will allow you to blend and soften hard makeup lines with precision thanks to it’s pointed tip.

Morphe Blender Brush

The Firm Blending Fluff Brush

This brush has a flat looking side and is firm as well as fluffy.

This feature makes it such a versatile brush as the flat side allows to pack on pigment and the fluffy full tip will allow for blending.

You should use it on the eye crease for blending.

The Small Chisel Fluff Brush

If you are looking for a brush that is precise and allows you to apply eyeshadow with definition, this is the brush you are going to need.

Eventhough it looks small, it’s mighty as it will allow for colour to be packed on precisely on the eye lid.

The Smudge Brush

This brush is specifically designed to Smudge liner or your eyeshadow.

It is so small that you can blend out small sections without disturbing other colour layers.

The Synthetic Morphe eye brushes include:

The Pointed Crease Brush

This brush has soft, slender bristles and a tapered tip.

These features allow you to apply colour with precision.

The Detail Crease Brush

This brush is firm and tapered. It allows you to create definition whilst doing a cut crease.

You may pack on colour with it on the inner eye corner or the outer one.

You are also able to use it to smudge eyeshadow.

The Concealer Brush

If you are looking for a seemless finish to your concealer, this flat brush allows you to pat down concealer and blend it easily to your make-up.

You will notice that it will be a creasless finish, remember to pat the Concealer down and blend out the edges for a flawless finish.

The Flat Liner Brush

If you want to create eye definition to your lash line, this is the ideal brush to do it with.

It will allow you to create precise lines without difficulty.

The Detail Liner Brush

This is a microfine brush which allows you to create detailed lines and is extremely precise thanks to how thin and stiff it is.

You will use it to create a perfect tail to a liner or for creating artsie look.

The Angled Brow/Spoolie Brush

This is a dual ended eyebrow brush which has an angled brush end and a spoolie end.

The Angled end allows the creation of hair strokes and definition on the eyebrows.

The spoolie softens the eyebrow for a more natural eyebrow look.

How to use morphe eye brush set

How to use them greatly depends on the eyelook you want to create.

Here’s a tutorial on how I created a simple cut crease with this eye brush set.

This was the final look using the Morphe Eye obsessed brush collection.

Morphe eye obsessed brush review vanity owl

How well do the Brushes hold after washing them?

I would say that considering the price point, the Brushes hold up pretty well after washing and disinfecting them.

You may notice minimal shedding of the bristles through time and the natural hair brushes when new slightly scratch out the eyeshadow when you swipe it on top.

Morphe eye brush quality

The brush quality of the 6 synthetic brushes (black bristles) is really good considering the low price point.

My only criticism is that when you use the natural brushes (white bristles) they are quite strong bristles and need to be used more to be softer on the eye.

Are these brushes cruelty free?

Yes, the Morphe eye obsessed brush set is cruelty free. As well as all their others brush sets and make-up. Morphe does not test any of their products nor ingredients on animals.

Morphe are not officially cruelty free certified through cruelty free organisations such as choose cruelty free, PETA or Leaping bunny.

Are these brushes vegan?

This Morphe eye obsessed brush set is not vegan, however Morphe does have particular vegan brush set lines available for you.

How much is the Morphe Eye obsessed brush collection set?

The Morphe Eye Obsessed brush collection set retails at £25 but is worth £90.

I paid this set only £12 as they were on offer.

When it comes down to Morphe eye brush essentials, this is one you won’t want to miss out on.

Final Verdict

This Morphe Eye Obsessed brush collection review will provide you with all the helpful information you need to make a choice when it comes down to Morphe eye brush sets.

If you are looking for good quality low priced brushes these may well be the Brushes for you.

Considering the low pricing they performed well, especially if you compare them to brushes which sit in the same price range.

If you are a beginner I recommend you start out with such a set, you will avoid spending major £££ for brushes and won’t have to be worried about ruining them in any way.

If you are a professional make-up artist, you will find that some of these do well for you and others don’t compare to high priced options.

I found however, that it greatly also depends on personal preference.

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What did you think about this Morphe Eye Obsessed brush collection review? Comment below and let me know.


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