The Foreo UFO 2 vs UFO 2 Mini exclusive

Law and behold, Foreo has released two new Foreo UFO devices to their collection. The question on everybody’s lips is who is going to win the UFO battle, bringing you the Foreo UFO 2 vs UFO 2 Mini comparison.

Foreo UFO 2 vs UFO 2 Mini review

If you’ve landed on my post you have made the right choice, I will clearly outline everything you need to know to help you decide wether to purchase the Foreo UFO 2 or the Foreo UFO 2 Mini.

Countless men and women around the world do a lengthy mask treatment in order to achieve smooth, clear and glowing skin.

Foreo has taken your mask routine to the next level, adding technology and speed to the sheet mask process. The UFO devices by Foreo Sweden have been designed to keep up with the fast paced world we live in providing you with a 90 second mask treatment from the comfort of your home.

If you are new to Foreo let me introduce you to the world famous Swedish Beauty tech brand, not only is it an award winning brand but it’s also known for it’s results and it’s sophisticated design.

What is the Foreo UFO range?

The Foreo UFO is an ultra innovative smart mask treatment. It is the first spa-quality sonic powered mask treatment ever invented. There is nothing of it’s kind on the market.

This will be taking your whole mask session to a level never seen before and in a fraction of the time.

Forget the days when you needed minimum 30 minutes to reap you sheet mask benefits. The whole UFO process takes only 90 seconds!!!!!!! I know insane right!!!

I find that when skincare processes take too long or the method is complicated, I immediately loose interest and put off doing the treatment. Foreo makes this so easy and fast! This gives you NO EXCUSE to avoid doing your treatments!

The UFO range includes the:

But let’s look at what the science tells us about the technology included in the UFO by Foreo Sweden collection.

Bear in mind that the UFO and UFO mini have been surpassed in technology by the UFO 2 and UFO 2 Mini.

The UFO 2 and UFO 2 Mini review

These devices offer multiple pieces of technology all in one:

  • LED light
  • Thermo-therapy
  • Cryotherapy ( is not available on the UFO Mini devices)
  • T-Sonic pulsations

Bringing all the treatments together within a compact device is unheard of and truly sensational. The last thing you want is to be reaching out and getting 3-4 different devices to get all the benefits.

In terms of spending, this will save you so much money overall. Forget those expensive spa/clinic visits! You can do all the treatments at a fraction of the price in the comfort of your home.

Let’s dive into the technology behind the UFO 2 and the UFO 2 Mini.

LED Therapy for the skin

What is LED light therapy?

LED light treatments are non-invasive therapies which help various skin related concerns and issues.

Generally LED treatments are carried out by the dermatologists clinic or spa’s.

Technology has now moved so far forward that you can carry out LED light therapy at the comfort of your own home.

LED promotes processes of skin rejuvination and healing depending on the wavelengths administered.

Types of LED lights

A Harvard medical article stated that diffferent wavelengths of the visible light spectrum correspond to different colors of LED light. This means that these different colours penetrate the skin at different depths.

The depth of penetration will allow the LED lights to have different results on the skin.

The types of LED lights used in the UFO 2 and UFO 2 Mini skin treatments:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • White
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Cyan

The benefits of LED skin therapy

The benefits of LED skin therapy include:

  • Reducing skin inflammation
  • Promoting collagen production
  • Reducing acne causing oils and bacteria
  • Anti-ageing
  • Brightening the skin
  • Even out skin tone
  • Reduce the appearance of age spots
  • Reduce skin pigmentation issues
  • Reduce dark circles
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Stimulate rejuvination
  • Eliminate skin toxins
  • Reduce sun damage
  • Helping with various skin conditions
  • Reduce swollen capillaries size

The benefits of LED skin therapy vary depending on the type of LED wavelength you use.

Blue LED light

The blue LED light target sebaceous glands, which are small oil-producing glands in the skin and render them less active reducing possible acne.

Blue LED may also have a role in killing inflammation causing bacteria that result in acne.

Research also suggest that it may have a role in healing third degree burns.

Red LED light

Red LED light enduce fibroblasts to produce collagen which is so important for skin healing. This collagen will help reduce the signs of aging and scars.

Red light also helps reducing skin inflammation.

Green LED light

Green LED light plays a role in evening out skin tone, brightening and reducing skin discolouration in age spots, dark circles and skin overall.

White LED light

The White LED light has the longest wavelength, which penetrates the deepest levels of the skin.

In turn, this activates the skins natural renewal process helping to:

  • Tighten the skin
  • Reduce puffiness
  • Rejuvinate the skin

Purple LED light

Purple LED lights have a function in detoxifying the skin, increase your glow, help with skin healing and keep skin inflammation at bay.

Orange LED light

Orange LED plays a role in helping reduce sun damage and enhance the skins glow.

Yellow LED light

Yellow LED helps with rosacea, sun burns, puffiness reduction and enhancing your skin tone.

Cyan LED light

Cyan LED light helps with pain, reduces swollen capillaries, is also anti-inflammatory and promotes healing.

Does LED Therapy work?

LED skin treatments have been proven to be effective after continued use. Skin improvement is visible, healing is promoted and it can help also reduce skin conditions.

The American Academy of dermatology have shown acne to improve with LED treatment.

Who is LED Therapy suitable for?

LED Therapy is suitable for:

  • All skin types
  • All skin colours

However, if you are under any medication or have skin conditions, please first consult a medical professional.

Is LED Therapy safe?

LED skin treatments have a really good safety profile and the FDA has certified this.

Given that fact that LED light does Not contain UV rays it is suitable for regular use.


What is cryotherapy in skincare?

Cryotherapy in skincare is a treatment which use near to freezing temperatures to improve the skin.

What are the benefits of cryotherapy?

The benefits of cryotherapy in skincare include a:

  • Reduction in skin healing time
  • Reduction in skin puffiness
  • Reduction the size of pores
  • Lifting and toning the skin
  • Reduction in skin inflammation
  • Helping to reduce certain skin conditions

Is cryotherapy safe?

Cryotherpy in skincare is safe especially in home skincare tools as these operate at safe cold temperatures.

However, children should not use this, pregnant and people with health conditions should always consult a medical professional first.

T-Sonic pulsations

What are T-Sonic pulsations?

T-Sonic pulsations is a technology which is renowned thanks to Foreo. These are sound waves that are able to reach deep into your skin. The waves produce a very fast pulsation and even faster on the UFO 2 range (up to 10,000 sonic pulsation per minute).

The sonic waves are designed to penetrate deep into your skin and pores not only providing more skincare benefits but also giving you a wonderful sensory experience.

What are the benefits of T-sonic pulsations?

T-Sonic pulsations benefits include providing a:

  • Relaxing massage
  • Exfoliating gently the skin
  • Detoxifying the skin
  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines
  • Reduction of dark circles
  • Reduction of puffiness
  • Increase of skincare product absorption
  • Increase the benefits of using the Foreo UFO masks


The packaging

The Foreo UFO 2 power mask treatment comes in the beautiful Foreo see-through packaging ready to be gifted. Generally the packaging will exhibit the corresponding colour to the device you have chosen.

Ufo 2 review

Just by looking at the packaging you get that sense of luxury and you won’t be able to resist that Swedish sophisticated design Foreo is renowned for.

The UFO 2 box includes the:

  • USB charging cable
  • 1 UFO power activated mask
  • 1 sleek and stylish see-through Foreo stand
  • UFO 2 device

The power mask device comes in 3 colour variations: pearl pink, fuchsia and mint.

Ufo 2 review

The UFO 2 design

As per the original UFO by Foreo Sweden the UFO 2 has a:

  • Ultra-Hygienic silicon frame, which ensures it’s anti-bacterial properties and softness.
  • Universal power button to ensure it’s ease of use.
  • Charging port, which ensures 40 uses via 2.5h charging.
  • An attachment ring on the back which allows you to secure the UFO power Activated masks.
  • Indicator lights behind the attachment rings which light up in accordance to the UFO power activated mask you use.
  • Find my device system, where you are able to located your device if it’s stolen or misplaced.

Ufo 2 by Foreo Sweden

The UFO 2 design will leave you outstanded, the front of the appliance has a futuristic design of golden bronze metallic material which take the device to a level of aesthetics unseen before!

The UFO 2 technology

When it comes to the UFO 2 no other UFO device in the entire range can surpass it’s superior technology.

The UFO 2 operates to provide you the maximum number of benefits no matter what your skin concerns are! It is an all-in-one skin power machine!

Foreo UFO 2 review

The UFO 2 includes:

  • Hyper-infusion technology: combines heating, cooling and T-sonic pulsations
  • T-Sonic Pulsations
  • Full-Spectrum LED light ( 8 LED wavelengths: red, blue, green, white, purple, orange , yellow and cyan)
  • Thermo-therapy
  • Cryotherapy

Generally to get all these treatments you would need multiple devices or multiple visits at the dermatologist or spa. Which mount up to a lot of money!

Now you can enjoy the benefits to this sophisticated power mask technology in the comfort of your home.

Foreo UFO 2 LED light treatment

As per Foreo’s innovations the treatments are rendered easy to carry out through the use of the Foreo app which is able to tailor a specific program for your skin depending on the UFO power activated mask you use!

With this app and the UFO 2 you are also able to personilise your treatment manually to possibly focus on other skin related issues you may have.

Can the Foreo UFO 2 be used without a Foreo power activated mask?

Foreo doesn’t recommend using the UFO 2 without the power activated masks, as the results may not be the same.

Don’t forget that Foreo carries out extensive skincare research to ensure real results, so the masks have specifically been developed to give you clear skincare results.

The FOREO UFO 2 Mini

The packaging

The UFO 2 Mini has the beautiful see-through packaging ready for it to be gifted. I love how the packaging colour story matched the device colour you end up choosing.

Ufo 2 mini by Foreo Sweden

The UFO 2 Mini contains:

  • USB charging cable
  • 1 UFO power activated mask
  • 1 sleek and stylish see-through Foreo stand
  • UFO 2 Mini device

UFO 2 Mini design

The UFO 2 Mini has the same aesthetic feel as it’s predecessor , including:

  • A wider ultra-Hygienic silicon frame, which ensures it’s anti-bacterial properties and softness.
  • Universal power button.
  • Charging port, which ensures 40 uses via 2.5h charging.
  • An attachment ring on the back which allows you to secure the UFO power Activated masks.
  • Indicator lights behind the attachment rings which light up in accordance to the UFO power activated mask you use.
  • Find my device system, which allows you to find your UFO 2 Mini if misplaced or stolen.

The Foreo UFO 2 Mini comes in: pearl pink, fuchsia and mint.

Ufo 2 mini review

The technology

The UFO 2 Mini surpasses it’s predecessor UFO Mini by a mile, this upgrade includes the following features:

  • Hyper-infusion technology: combines heating and T-sonic pulsations
  • T-Sonic Pulsations
  • Full-Spectrum LED light ( 8 LED wavelengths: red, blue, green, white, purple, orange , yellow and cyan)
  • Thermo-therapy

Foreo UFO 2 Mini review

The Foreo technology never ceases to amaze me and if you are looking for an all in one at home LED, thermo-therapy and soothing device you may have well found a gem.

Ufo 2 mini by Foreo Sweden

Can the Foreo UFO 2 Mini be used without a mask?

It is advised to utilise the UFO 2 Mini with the Foreo power activated masks in order to reap all the benefits both the device and the mask have to offer.

The UFO 2 vs UFO 2 Mini

Let’s be completely honest , both the UFO 2 and UFO 2 Mini are irresistible at first sight, but which device actually suits your needs?

There is no corner I will leave unturned in this post. Let’s get right into it.

Ufo 2 vs UFO 2 Mini review

The Foreo UFO 2 and UFO 2 design and size

When it come down to packaging they have exactly the same type of packaging and inclusive accessories.

The true difference lies in the design of the actual devices:

Although at first sight the UFO 2 Mini looks smaller than the UFO 2, it actually isn’t, the two devices are actually the same exact size. Both the devices measure 72.5mm x 31.4 mm.

It is the metallic front feature which gives the illusion that the UFO 2 Mini is smaller when in fact it isn’t.

The difference in the front metallic feature is greatly noticeable, the UFO 2 has a large bronze metallic circular feature whereas the UFO 2 Mini has a small one offering more of a ultra hygienic silicon area.

Both devices offer a universal power button which makes them super easy to operate.

Also in terms of weight the UFO 2 weighs 146.2g whereas the UFO 2 Mini weighs 99g. The UFO 2 is 1/3 heavier. Bear in mind that they are light devices though.

The back of the devices where the attachment ring is, it’s identical. I love that it is easy to remove.

Ufo 2 vs UFO 2 Mini comparison

The devices come in the same colour options: pearl pink, fuchsia and mint. Whereas this option isn’t available in their predecessors.

The battery and usage difference

When it comes to the battery, there is a slight difference:

  • The UFO 2 has Li-Ion 1200 mAh 3.7 V
  • The UFO 2 Mini has Li-Ion 1050 mAh 3.7 V

Although the UFO batteries differ in strength you get the exact same amount of uses, which is 40 uses based on 90 second treatments.

The UFO 2 has a stronger battery, due to the fact that it offers further tech.

Both of the devices last 180 days on standby.

The UFO 2 vs UFO 2 Mini technology

With the UFO 2 and the UFO 2 Mini, Foreo has taken the devices to new heights, the devices now have:

Ultra fast thermo-therapy

The UFO 2 and UFO 2 Mini are now able to instantly heat up, unlike it predecessors. This will ensure you get the most out of your thermo-therapy in the 90 second treatment.

Overall the thermo-therapy treatment ensures your skin is ready to absorb deeply all the UFO power activated mask ingredients.

T-Sonic pulsations

Both devices include the T-sonic pulsations which besides giving you a relaxing spa experience, they also ensure skin renewal, greater skin absorbtion and also stimulate skin blood microcirculation.

Ufo 2 vs ufo 2 mini

Full spectrum LED lights

Both devices have had a major upgrade in LED light, they are both able to operate on 8 different LED wavelengths.

To make it easier for you I have devised a table of the benefits of each LED available so that you can really get the best out of your UFO 2 and UFO 2 Mini.

Ufo 2 ufo 2 mini LED benefits quick guide

Previously the UFO had 5 LED lights and the UFO Mini had 3 LED light options! So the UFO 2 and UFO 2 Mini by Foreo Sweden had a major upgrade.

This takes the devices to a whole new level because each wavelength has different and extensive benefits for different skin concerns. Making it more suitable to every single person.

If you want to know exactly which LED light provides which result, scroll up to the LED light section at the top of my post.

Overall, these features ensure a superior power mask treatment.

But let’s now focus on the main difference between the UFO 2 and UFO 2 Mini, in terms of technology.

It is to no surprise that Foreo have developed the ultimate power mask treatment device, the UFO 2 is a super power!

The UFO 2 unlike the UFO 2 Mini has an extra treatment incorporated which is the cryotherapy treatment.

The cryotherapy treatment ensures that skin is tightened and pore size is reduced.

The benefits of using the Foreo UFO 2 and UFO 2 Mini

Ufo 2 vs ufo 2 mini review

Both devices offer superior benefits that are unique on the global market, these include:

Fast and easy LED light treatment

Unlike a conventional sheet mask treatment which lasts over 20 minutes, this LED light treatment lasts only 90 seconds.

If like me you struggle to persevere if something is too complicated or too lengthy, the UFO 2 and UFO 2 Mini are the ideal power mask treatments for you.

Time will certainly not be an issue! 90 seconds is ideal for someone with a fast paced life or with commitment issues.

Increased absorption

The LED power mask devices allow for the skincare ingredients within the power activated mask deep into the skins layers.

Rejuvination of the skin

Pore size is reduced visibily and moisture is locked in efficiently.

Spa inspired experience

The facial massage will be soothing and relaxing. Bring the spa to the comfort of your home.

Mask ingredient even distribution

Unlike the air pockets that conventional sheet masks can create upon application, the UFO 2 and UFO 2 Mini are able to distribute the power activated mask evenly.

The only benefit that the UFO 2 and UFO 2 Mini differ in is the cryotherapy one, hence pore minimisation, skin tightening and toning.

My experience with the Foreo UFO 2 vs UFO 2 Mini

I can see why the UFO 2 by Foreo Sweden classifies as a superior mask power treatment!

I use it on alternating days, morning and evening! But did you know that you can use it every day?

I use the Foreo Make my Day Hydrating UFO activated power mask in the mornings and the Foreo Call it a Night revitalising and nourishing mask before bed.

The UFO 2 is sophisticated thanks to the multitude of treatments it has to offer.

The thermo-therapy is surprisingly relaxing, you can feel the device heat up just enough to feel incredible.

You can also feel the relaxing T-Sonic pulsations which I thoroughly enjoy.

Last but not least, the cryotherapy treatment, where the device applies cold to your skin, felt like a sensational way to end the 90 second treatment.

Throughout the corresponding LED lights will be activated depending on the mask you use.

With the UFO 2 LED treatment device I noticed that:

  • my skin’s redness has lessened
  • my pores look smaller
  • my skin looks more tight and toned
  • my complexion is overall more uniform
  • my skin is glowing
  • my breakouts have improved, as well as all the small spot scars.

Through continued use I was impressed with how radiant, young and free from breakouts my skin was.

I can’t just choose one particular feature that I loved best, because I love the UFO 2 in its entirety.

I love to use the UFO 2 power mask LED treatment especially even I’m in need of some TLC and when I feel like truly talking my skin to the next level.

When it comes down to the UFO 2 Mini by Foreo Sweden, I feel exactly the same. My skin looks supple, glowing, moisturised, clear and more youthful.

Ufo 2 vs ufo 2 mini before and after

You will find that with the UFO 2 Mini you will not reap any of the cryotherapy benefits.

Other than this one feature the UFO 2 Mini is exceptional.

I also recommend using it after exercising to give your face some serious TLC.

The final verdict the UFO 2 vs UFO 2 Mini

All in all, both of the LED light treatment devices are superior thanks to being able to operate on a full spectrum LED light.

This ensures that you have the maximum amount of skin benefits as well as make it suitable for all skin types.

The fact that the treatment is so fast will help you achieve better results as there is no excuse for not doing your power mask treatment.

Ufo 2 review

The thermo-therapy has been sped up and you can achieve more benefits this way within the short time frame.

The T-sonic pulsations will not only allow you to have a wonderful relaxing experience but they will also help the UFO power activated masks be absorbed deeper into the skin.

This takes us to the main deciding points if you are looking for a device that also includes cryotherapy, the UFO 2 will be better suited to your needs.

However, if you are either not a fan of cold or pores and tightening are not a skin concern of yours or you prefer to spend less, you would be better suited to the UFO 2 Mini.

Ufo 2 mini review

The other deciding factor in the UFO 2 vs UFO 2 Mini battle, could well be the devices aesthetic design. If you like more of a surface area of the ultra hygienic silicon design rather than the metallic front feature, the UFO 2 Mini may be more suited to your needs.

I can guarantee that either way your skin will look noticeably plump, radiant, more firm, more uniform, lessen dark circles, soothe sunburns, reduced in fine lines and breakouts. The benefits are endless!

Now it’s your time to invest in your skin, providing your skin with the ultimate facial treatment.

If you rather watch the UFO 2 vs UFO 2 Mini on YouTube, watch my Foreo YouTube video below.

So which device will you choose? Comment below and let me know.

If you enjoyed this Foreo post why not check out my complete guide on the Foreo Bear Mini.

“Although Foreo sponsored these products all the opinions above are truthful and my own.”



  1. Al_m
    January 18, 2021 / 10:57 am

    Your product pictures came out great! Cryotherapy sounds perfect for me so I think the UFO 2 would be my choice 🙂 xoxo

    • vanityowl
      February 13, 2021 / 10:17 am

      It’s actually the one Foreo device which is my favourite. The skin improvement is really noticeable. I’ve never been one of those who feel comfortable without foundation on but my skin has improved so I actually feel more confident.

  2. Natalie Schuller
    February 11, 2021 / 10:12 am

    That’s a very detailed review. Very nice. I actually purchased UFO 2 recently. Foreo’s customer service were quite nice to explain to me how the LED therapy actually works, as I was wondering if 90 seconds were enough. So, since this device is meant to be used several times a week, this makes this shorter exposure effective just as well, plus you can do it conveniently at home. I absolutely love their sheet masks. The ingredients used are amazing and the way Foreo combines them makes sense.

    • vanityowl
      February 13, 2021 / 10:16 am

      My experience has been positive, I have to agree with you. Its actually my favourite Foreo device because I’ve seen such an improvement in my skin. Especially with my breakouts, it really helps.

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