Home lash extensions – Moitie 10 day lashes review

Who are Moitie cosmetics?

Moitié Cosmetics was founded by Sima Mosbacher. Her busy lifestyle yet the thrive for beauty allowed her to develop an at home lash extension solution which is: time-saving, semi-permanent and safe for long-term use.

The brand logo and core values surround simply enhancing your natural beauty.

Moitié lashes review

Forget those long salon sessions getting your lash infills, daily applying strip lashes or those eye irritating fibre mascaras. Moitié Cosmetics has created the ideal at home lash extension solution.

This will not only save you money overall but it will also make your life easier.

One reason that I decided to support Moitié Cosmetics is because they donate 1% of profits on every purchase to the Global Fund For Women. Making this a brand who’s core values align with mine!

If that’s not enough they are PETA cruelty free and even vegan!

I couldn’t believe that Moitié lash sets are individually handmade by professional lash artists with lightweight Korean Silk Fibre and custom-made to suit all eye shapes.

There are 5 parts to each lash and these have a cotton band which aid it’s application.

The lashes are designed to last 10 days and they are so quick to apply! A major time saver and money saver!

What Moitie lash styles are available?

Moitié Cosmetics lash styles include:

  • Moitié Segmented Lashes which come in: natural, light glam and full glam.
  • New York Black
  • Los Angeles
  • Rio
  • Paris
  • Hollywood
  • Miami
  • Moscow
  • New York brown
  • Monaco
  • Beverly Hills

As you can tell by their extensive lash type collections, they have a style to suit anyone’s needs and wants.

For a natural lash look you will want to opt for the Natural Moitié Segmented Lashes.

For anything more glamorous or unique choose the other styles which may be better suited to your needs! Especially if you are a Russian lash extensions type lover.

They also provide: Value kits and Deluxe Starter Kits. These kits include all the tools you need for at home lash extension application.

What are the contents of the 10 day lashes kit?

I received the Moitié lash extensions in style: Paris, Los Angeles and one pair of Full Glam Segmented Lashes.

Moitié lash extensions in style: Paris, Los Angeles and one pair of Full Glam Segmented Lashes.

Together with the lashes was a Moitié Cosmetics holographic see-through make-up bag.

Moitié Cosmetics holographic see-through make-up bag.

There is also a black pouch containing the 10 day SuperLash bond, 10-Day SuperLash Sealant, 10-Day SuperLash Removal Gel and the 10-Day SuperLash Applicator.

Moitie black pouch containing the 10 day SuperLash bond, 10-Day SuperLash Sealant, 10-Day SuperLash Removal Gel and the 10-Day SuperLash Applicator.

The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Bond

This is essentially a lash glue and it’s the world’s first ever hypoallergenic 10 day lash extension glue.

The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Bond

It comes in the form similar to an eyeliner and is jet black.

The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash bond glue is 100% waterproof, dries effortlessly and is brilliant for holding the segmented lashes securely for up to 10+ days!

The glue dries in 2 minutes and a little goes a long way. The trick is then to use the Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Applicator tweezers to apply some pressure to ensure they are held in place.

The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Bond

This glue does not contain cyanoacrylate, formaldehyde, latex or parabens unlike other glues!


The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Sealant

The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Sealant’s job is to remove any tackiness from the bond glue and secure your at home lash extensions.

The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Sealant

The sealant comes in the form of a thin mascara wand and it is to be applied where the base of your lash is and the glue.

The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Sealant


The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Removal Gel

The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Removal Gel is a watermelon lash remover gel created to remove the glue.

The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Removal Gel

Your eyes must not come into contact with the gel, so take your gel applicator and dab a minute amount just over the the lash.


The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Applicator

The Moitié Cosmetics Professional Lash Tweezers are golden highest-grade swiss stainless steel.

The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Applicator

These make the application even easier thanks to having a the perfect shape, weight and grip.

The precision tip helps grab the extension cluster by the lash band.

The curved side is used to bond your extensions and natural lashes together.


The packaging and design

When it comes down to the packaging, I’m loving the holographic feel to the make-up pouch as well as the logo.

The same motive is kept on the Paris and Los Angeles lashes. Each lash types comes inclusive with a spoolie and gel applicator.

Moitie Paris and Los Angeles lashes

However, the Full Glam Segmented Lashes come in a soft pink lash box.

Moitie Full Glam Segmented Lashes

The Moitie bond and gel come in the sane pink shade and the sealant comes in a black casing.

I love that you get a small pouch to put the tweezers, glue, removal gel and sealant. It makes it all easier to store and keep at hand.

How to apply the Moitie 10 day lashes

Applying the Moitie at home lash extensions is extremely easy, just:

  1. Prime the lashes with the Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Bond.
  2. Apply the lash segments to your liking.
  3. Squeeze your lashes to the lash extensions at their base, this allows them to bond.
  4. Seal the lash extensions with the The Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Sealant (only at the base of the lashes).
  5. Repeat the process on the other eye.

Application tips and tricks

For a easier application process make sure you:

  • Apply the glue ON YOUR LASH LINE, not one segment at a time.
  • GRAB the lash extensions from the base of the eyelash band. DO NOT place the tweezers and pull the middle or ends of the lashes.
  • Follow the lash trajectory Exactly like in the lash box.
  • I found it easier to start from my outter eye corner rather than my inner eye corner.
  • Apply the sealant only on the base of the lashes and not on the lashes, this keeps the lashes nice and fluffy.
  • Use the spoolie to brush your lashes through.

My experience with the Moitie 10 day lashes

I was really impressed with how easy it is to use the Moitie at home lash extensions.

I’m not going to lie at first the whole process looked intimidating when in fact it’s actually so easy!

I applied the Moitie Paris lashes and the style itself is very glamorous!

Moitie Paris lashes at home lash extensions

My look was elevated, they remind me a lot of Russian lash extensions.

I felt extremely comfortable wearing them as they are lightweight! Bear in mind however, that if you are not used to eyelash extensions you may feel different.

Most important of all, I have very sensitive eyes and didn’t develop ANY irritation which was really impressive!

This is my Moitie 10 day lashes before and after

The Moitie before and after 10-Day at home eyelash extensions review

The funniest instance that happened with them was going out in the storm, so just picture this heavy rain and winds! I was terrified! I thought my lashes would be gone! To my surprise they actually stayed in place! THEY DIDN’T BUDGE!

I can confirm they are:

  • Waterproof
  • Wind proof
  • Exercise proof
  • Shower proof
  • Toddler proof too

I’m really impressed with the lash quality and how fast the whole process is!

Here is what they looked like in the ten days.

The Moitie 10-Day at home eyelash extensions review

With the salons not being available to further notice, this is the best option to opt with to stay safe yethave salon grade lashes at the comfort of your own home.

I’m so glad I have two more pairs to enjoy because when I take them off, I’m really going to miss them already.

If you want to see how I got on, check out my Moitie at home lash extension YouTube video.

The benefits of using the Moitie at home lash extensions

The benefits of using the Moitie at home lash extensions are extensive.

The benefits include:

  • Salon quality lashes that you can apply at home.
  • Easy application.
  • Quick application as it only takes up to 5 minutes.
  • Value and Deluxe kits to help you save and get all you need for the perfect at home lash extension application.
  • Long lasting lashes, up to 10 day use. Which is perfect for those who don’t want to fully commit to eyelash extensions.
  • Easy to remove with the Moitie gel which helps you not to damage your own natural lashes.
  • Waterproof lashes. You can exercise, shower, cry and run in the rain without having to worry.

Are the Moitie lash extensions easy to apply?

The Moitie 10 day lashes are very easy to apply.

How to remove the 10 day lashes

It is so important that the removal gel is used as this will allow the natural lashes not to be pulled nor damaged.

Removing the Moitie at home lash extensions is extremely easy just:

  1. Apply the Moitie 10-Day SuperLash Removal Gel to the under side of 1 eye with the applicator.
  2. Leave the gel act for 2 minutes.
  3. Use the Moitie tweezers to gently peel them off.
  4. Use the lash foam wash to cleanse your lashes.

Removal process tips and tricks

  • Use very little removal gel.
  • Do only one eye at a time.
  • Keep the gel away from the eye.
  • Do not pull the lashes if they don’t slide off, wait for the gel to make them easy to slide off.

Are the Moitie lashes easy to remove?

The lashes are easy to remove, however you need to take your time removing them and wait for the removal gel to act.

How long do the lashes ACTUALLY last?

The lashes personally lasted 10 days exactly without any fallout, bear in mind that because I do my make-up daily and clean my face thoroughly, they probably could have lasted longer.

Will Moitie eyelash extensions damage your natural lashes?

With this first application I didn’t notice any damage to my natural lashes, however if you are not applying the components correctly it may affect your experience. My best piece of advice is make sure you don’t pull the lashes off during removal but actually use the Moitie removal gel.

I use eyelash serum daily so that helps strengthen my natural lashes.

Are the Moitie 10 day lashes reusable?

Moitie don’t recommend reusing them as the glue bond affects the lash band.

Are the eyelash extensions waterproof?

The Moitie lash extensions are waterproof,I t’s amazing!

Are Moitie lashes appropriate for sensitive eyes?

I can testify that these lashes are suitable for sensitive eyes!

Make sure you take care when using the removal gel!

Is Moitie cruelty free?

Moitie at home lashes are cruelty free, PETA approved.

Is Moitie vegan?

Moitie cosmetics are vegan.

Are the 10 day lashes parabens free and sulphate free?

The Moitie 10-Day lashes are parabens free and even sulphate free.

Moitie lash extensions discount

Use Savana15 for 15% Moitie cosmetics discount code.

How do the Moitie eyelash extensions compare to Lashify?

The Moitié eyelash extensions vs Lashify eyelash extensions.


A Moitie 10-Day lash kit works out cheaper than the Lashify kit.

A Moitie starter kit retails at just over £21, where as a Lashify control kit retails at just over £106.

Lash types

Moitie cosmetics offers only one natural type lash, whereas Lashify’s lash types offer a more natural style where there’s less volume.

Moitie 10-Day lashes look more like Russian eyelash extensions except for the Natural set.

Lashify’s lashes resemble individual lash extensions. They also have the options of choosing the length, curvature and some colour variations.

Ease of application

Moitie cosmetics lashes are extremely easy to apply. With Moitie 10 day lashes you don’t need extensive knowledge in lash extensions as they come ready to be popped on. These are ideal also for BEGINNERS.

Lashify lashes are also easy to apply and offer customisable length. You do not need a sealant with these lashes. However, application is under lash versus over.

Lashify offer tutoring once you purchase their lashes, so it’s more of a lash technique oriented at home lash system.

Durability of the lashes

Both Moitie lashes and Lashify lashes last up to 10 days.

Waterproof test

Both Moitie lashes and Lashify lashes are waterproof.

Cruelty free

Both Moitie lashes and Lashify lashes are cruelty free.

Money back guarantee

Both Moitie lashes and Lashify lashes offer a great return policy.

The Final Verdict

Overall, I was pleasantly impressed with the Moitie 10-Day at home lash extensions.

They are affordable, easy to apply and keep me look glamorous for 10 days.

The Moitie 10-Day at home eyelash extensions review Paris lashes

I am in love with the overall look but more so with how much time I’m saving when doing these extensions.

With the current social climate, it’s a great way to feel beautiful from the comfort of your home. There is no need to go to a salon as the salon is brought to you.

These can be the perfect treat for any celebration, especially birthdays and festivities.

Moitié Cosmetics at home lash extensions review

Let’s not forget how this brands core values truly align with mine by being cruelty free and supporting the Global Fund For Women.

For all my vegan friends! It’s vegan too! So they’ve truly thought about it all.

I hope you enjoyed this post, have you tried the Moitie 10-Day lashes? If not would you? Comment below and let me know.

For those of you who are not lash enthusiasts, why not check out my Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara guide.

Although the above items were kindly gifted to me, all the opinions above are truthful and my own.


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