Huda Beauty PASTEL Rose Obsessions palette review

Huda Beauty has developed the Obsessions palette ranges to suit everyone and from these different collections I’m excited to introduce you to the Huda Beauty Pastel Rose Obsessions palette review.

Huda beauty Pastel Rose Obsessions palette review

This Obsessions palette range is created to provide an array of Pastel shades easily accessible in a mini palette.

The Pastel Obsessions palette collection

Huda Kattan was inspired by pastel colour shades and has designed these palettes to offer the prettiest Pastel eyeshadow shades in a compact eyeshadow case.

The Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions palettes include 3 different palette choices:

  • Rose
  • Lilac
  • Mint

I opted for the Huda Beauty Pastel Rose Obsessions palette.

The Pastel Rose Obsessions palette packaging

Huda beauty Pastel Obsessions palette review

This pastel obsessions palette comes in a pastel pink solid casing. The front of the palette has Pastel Rose Huda Beauty engraved on the front.

Once you open the palette it exhibits a high quality mirror as well as casing.

Huda beauty Pastel Rose Obsessions palette

The packing design is definitely on par with all the new Huda Beauty range and greatly differs from the first generations of the palettes released.

The Pastel Obsessions colour story

The Rose Pastel palette has a very beautiful colour story. Bear in mind that this is a cool toned palette, except for the last shade.

Huda beauty Pastel Rose Obsessions palette

As soon as you open the palette if you are a fan of Pastel pink and yellow shades you will truly feel the excitement.

This palette includes a total of 9 shades:

  • 5 matte shades
  • 3 Metallic shimmers
  • Shimmer swirl

The Pastel Rose Obsessions swatches

Swatching the palettes is not indicative of how the shades will look on your eyelid because you will find that influencers have different tricks to swatching different shades.

The first set of swatches are done without any eyeshadow base.

Huda beauty Pastel Rose Obsessions palette Swatches

This second set is created with the help of eyeshadow base which can make the most difficult shades pop.

Huda beauty rose Pastel Obsessions palette review swatches

But then again, that can give you an indication of how to bring out the best in your palette whilst you create your looks.

As you can tell from my shots the shades are totally different depending on application method.

The Pastel Rose Obsessions formula

Shade 1

This is a matte pink Pastel shade which is very powdery but at the same time is very pigmented.

There’s plenty of fallout when it comes to these matte shades.

Shade 2

This is a pink purple dual shimmer shift shade.

It has medium coverage and can crease through time.

Shade 3

This is a pink/ silvery shimmer and has very light coverage.

I found it easier to apply it with my finger and Marc Jacobs the shadow brush! This brush can apply most shades! It’s incredible!

Shade 4

This is a matte dark Pastel pink shade which again has good pigment. I did however experience great fall out.

Shade 5

A gold/slight pink shimmer which is light in pigment.

This shimmer is easier to apply either with your fingertips or the shadow brush from Marc Jacobs.

Shade 6

A yellow light shimmer shade which again is easier to apply with your fingertips.

Shade 7

A matte pastel yellow eyeshadow shade which is very pigmented. There’s quite a bit of fallout but great colour pay-off.

Shade 8

A matte soft pink which is very light and quite pigmented.

Shade 9

A warm matte pink medium shade to use to create dimension in your eye look.

Overall the Rose Pastel Obsessions palette shades are much easier to apply with a heavy duty eyeshadow base (Mac eyeshadow base) or with Huda Beauty’s Matte & Metal Melted Shadows which works in a similar way to how the Plouise bases and paints work.

The Pastel Rose Obsessions looks

This first look was created without the use of an eyeshadow base and the look is so soft as these shades are very soft.

Paste pink make up look Pastel Rose Obsessions palette

This second look is created with the use of the Huda Beauty Melted Shadows in the shade Fro-Yo.

The Fro-Yo dual ended eyeshadow stick really makes the palette pop and if you are looking to create a striking Pastel pink look which is highly pigmented I recommend using it.

Pastel pink creative make up look with Pastel Rose Obsessions palette and froyo Melted Shadows

This third look is created via the use of the Plouise base in shade 1 and I opted for a yellow make-up look with a bold black liner.

Yellow Pastel make-up look with the Pastel Rose Obsessions palette

How much is the Pastel Obsessions palette?

The Huda Beauty palette retails at £27.

The Final Verdict

The Huda Beauty Pastel Rose Obsessions palette is a wonderful palette for those who have a collection of Huda Beauty products.

Huda beauty Pastel Obsessions palette review

However, if your budget doesn’t allow space for this palette I think you can opt for other lower budget palettes.

The uniqueness of this palette lies in the the special Huda Beauty shimmers which I find so beautiful for creating more natural looks. These shimmers are unique to Huda palettes.

If you are a fan of Huda Beauty palettes why not check out the Huda Beauty Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette complete guide.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Would you purchase this palette? Comment and let me know your views.


This review is not sponsored in any way. I have not used filters so that you can see the true colours on the palette.


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